The Collar Club Café Menu

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A creamy delight of dairy-free whipped cream, served in a petite cup perfect for a pup’s palate. Optional dog biscuit garnish adds a crunchy treat.

Bark Broth

Savory beef or chicken bone broth, carefully prepared without onions, served warm or chilled for a hydrating, nutrient-rich sip.

Woofy Tea Time

A calming herbal brew of chamomile or peppermint, served cool in a no-spill container for a soothing refreshment.

Melon Mutt Cooler

A frosty blend of pure seedless watermelon and ice, served slushy for an invigorating, hydrating treat.

Gourd Gulp

A smooth pumpkin puree blend, mixed with water or plain yogurt, for a digestive-friendly indulgence.


Bone broth frozen into icy treats, perfect for a cool, lickable delight on warm days.

Lap Latte

Gently warmed lactose-free milk mixed with a dash of pet-safe flavors, served in a shallow dish for a comforting lap-up.

Veggie Tail Wagger

Freshly juiced carrots and apples with a hint of beef broth for a nutrient-packed, tail-wagging refreshment.

Chef’s Pawspective

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