About Collar & Foam

Great coffee is not the result of chance. Extraordinary coffee is created by design at the hands of dedicated professionals around the world. Our coffee professionals collaborate in a shared, uncompromising environment, and have a commitment to quality.

Our Mission

We deliver the world’s best coffee. Farmers, employees’ and customers are collaborators in our effort to create a memorable and enriching coffee experience.

Always Innovating

We are not afraid to ask questions, to try new things and to admit that we are constantly learning. We strive for innovation and improvement. We know that extraordinary coffee is not the result of chance, but the product of hard work, skill, curiosity and an unyielding commitment to quality.

Celebrating Coffee

We work each day to change the way the world understands and experiences coffee, elevating a daily ritual into a culinary experience. We celebrate coffee’s agricultural origins and the dedicated professionals who devote their lives to coffee.

Fomenting Change

We embrace our responsibility to create positive change in the world. We use extraordinary coffee as our tool. We challenge traditional beliefs to create economic opportunity. We are stewards of the earth and advocates for our values of diversity, inclusion and equality.

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